Leading Economists Gather In Toronto

The Institute for New Economic Thinking is hosting its fifth annual conference with its partner the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Toronto  Read More

Charles Babbage and Innovative Thinking

When we think about innovation we tend to imagine the future. But as with so many subjects in economics, it’s also useful to examine the past.  Read More

Political Economy of Distribution Papers

The Institute is pleased to begin publication of a series of working papers representing part of the research of its Working Group on the Political Economy of Distribution.   Read More

Kapital for the Twenty-First Century?

James K. Galbraith reviews Thomas Piketty's new book, which draws extensively from The Institute for New Economic Thinking's support of the the World Top Incomes Database  Read More

The Chartbook of Economic Inequality

An exciting new project from Institute grantees, Tony Atkinson and Salvatore Morelli, providing long-run evidence about 5 different dimensions of economic inequality in 25 countries.  Read More

Join Young Scholars Initiative in Toronto

The Institute and the Centre for International Governance Innovation are inviting young scholars from across the world to participate in a pivotal event in Toronto, April 10-12.  Register Now

Bridging Political and Economic Reform

Governing Board member and Chief Economist at the EBRD Erik Berglof discusses the report “Stuck In Transition” with Institute President Rob Johnson.  Watch The Video

Young Scholars Initiative

The Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) is an international community of new economic thinkers comprised of students, young professionals, and researchers, supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

We envision economic thinking free of intellectual barriers that resonates with reality and serves our global society.