Young Scholars Conference in Amsterdam

New Economic Thinking for an Evolving Financial System: As economists, our understanding of the inner workings of the global financial system is limited & often incoherent.  Join Us in November

200 Years of Politics and High Finance

Thomas Ferguson and Marcello de Cecco discuss de Cecco's seminal research on the international gold standard, the international monetary system, and the rise and fall of Bretton Woods  Watch Now

Little progress and worrisome Trends

Does the IMF properly account for the social costs of its economic adjustment programs? New research from Institute grantees suggests that such findings are too good to be true.  Read More

The Idea of Development

The question of underdevelopment and development policies in postwar Europe will be the theme of a workshop organized by Michele Alacevich, Sandrine Kott, and Mark Mazower.   Read More

Young Scholars Initiative

The Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) is an international community of new economic thinkers comprised of students, young professionals, and researchers, supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

We envision economic thinking free of intellectual barriers that resonates with reality and serves our global society.