Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurs in India

Ajay Kela, a former Silicon Valley software executive who heads the Wadhwani Foundation, is passionate about the transformative power of entrepreneurial thinking.  Watch The Interview

Mission Oriented Finance for Innovation

Featuring Vince Cable, Andy Haldane and Adair Turner and challenging conventional thinking about the role of the state in driving the innovation needed for sustainable, inclusive growth.  Read More

Grants to Feature Curriculum Reform

The Institute will launch a new round of grants in September with topics to include ideas for a wider range of curricular materials to support better economic thinking and teaching.  Read More

Post-Crash Economics

What is keeping the mainstream’s intellectual apparatus going? Robert Skidelsky knocks the scientific halo off mainstream economists' teaching and research.  Read More

Political Economy of Distribution Papers

The Institute is pleased to begin publication of a series of working papers representing part of the research of its Working Group on the Political Economy of Distribution.   Read More

HUMAN AFTER ALL - Toronto 2014

Catch up on the conference everyone is talking about: plenaries, keynotes, and attendee interviews straight the event floor. Breakout sessions and in-depth interviews are on the way!  Watch Now