I am a historian of economics. My main topic is the history of visualization in recent economics. I study how diagrams, graphs, pictures and tables have been used by economists as means of theorizing and/or for educational purposes. Broadly speaking, I am interested in how the development of economic methods is entrenched in peculiar communities and cultural practices. I am curious about how far we can go by using science studies and cultural history as role models for writing interesting new narratives in the history of economics. I am an assistant-Professor and a researcher at THEMA (CNRS UMR 8184) and I teach economics and management at the University of Cergy-Pontoise and at the IUFM of  Versailles at Antony-Jouhaux. I am also a member of the organizing committee of HISRECO (History of Recent Economics Conference) and co-organizer of the History of 'Economics as Culture' workshop.

Besides, I am a huge fan of modern music, ranging from pastoral indie pop and classic rock records to some extremely noisy and buzzy experimental stuff


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