Petra Pinzler

Die Zeit

Correspondent of the German weekly DIE ZEIT based in Berlin.

Expertise: Economic Policy, Economics, European Union, EU Integration, Globalization and Global Governance, Development

Ms Pinzler joined DIE ZEIT in 1994 to to serve as an Economics Editor. From 1998 onward she worked as the newspapers US Correspondent based in Washington D. C... In 2002 she moved to Brussels to cover European Affairs. Since 2007 she is works in the Berlin office of die ZEIT and covers a a broad spectrum of issues,  including the EU, International Economics, Economic Policy and development.

Petra Pinzler won a number of awards for her work including the Robert Bosch Foundation Journalism Prize in 1999, the Karl Klasen Prize in 2003 and the Journalism Prize for Development Policy in 2006. She is a founding member of the Global Public Policy Institute.

Education/Languages: Ms Pinzler is a graduate  of the University of Cologne where she studies economics and politics. She attended the Cologne Journalism School and was a Bucerius Fellow at the de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University and a Kellen Fellow. Besides her native German, she is fluent in English. She also speaks French and Spanish.

Recent Publication: Immer mehr ist nicht genug. Vor Wachstumswahn zum Bruttosozialglück.