Lucrezia Reichlin

Professor of Economics
London Business School


Lucrezia Reichlin is Professor of Economics at the London Business School and department chair, non-executive director of UniCredit Banking Group, research director at the Centre for Economic Policy Research, columnist for Il Corriere Della Sera, a major Italian newspaper. She is a co-founder of Now-Casting Economics ltd. Between March 2005 and September 2008 she served as Director General of Research at the European Central Bank.


Nowcasting GDP and Inflation: The Real Time Informational Content of Macroeconomic Data Releases, (with Domenico Giannone and David Small), Journal of Monetary Economics (May 2008); Money and Monetary Policy: The ECB Experience 1999-2006, (with B. Fischer, M. Lenza and H. Pill), In Conference Volume of the 4th ECB Central Bank Conference on “The role of money: money and monetary policy in the twenty-first century” (2008); The Generalised Dynamic Factor Model: One Sided Estimation and Forecasting. (with Forni, M., M. Hallin, M. Lippi) Journal of the American Statistical Association 100 (471), pp. 830-840 (2005); Let’s Get Real: A Factor Analytical Approach to Disaggregated Business Cycle Dynamics, (Forni, M. and L. Reichlin) Review of Economic Studies, 65 (3) pp. 453-73 (1998); The Dynamic Effects of Aggregate Demand and Supply Disturbances: Comment, (Lippi, M. and L. Reichlin), American Economic Review, 83 (1993).

Research interest

Monetary policy, applied macroeconomics and time series, developing econometric models to study the joint dynamics of many time series (sectors, regions, countries, firms ….),information in structural macroeconomic models

Other activities

Member of the Scientific Council, Bruegel; the European Research Council Advanced Grant Evaluation Panel; the Editorial Board of the Journal of European Economic Association; the Journal of International Central Banking; the Scientific Council of the Fondation Banque de France