John Davis

Professor of Economics
Marquette University and University of Amsterdam

John B. Davis is Professor of Economics, Marquette University, and Professor of Economics, University of Amsterdam. He has authored Keynes’s Philosophical Development (Cambridge), The Theory of the Individual in Economics (Routledge), and Individuals and Identity in Economics (Cambridge), and he co-authored Economic Methodology: Understanding Economics as a Science (Palgrave).  He was visiting professor at Sorbonne, Cambridge University, Erasmus University, and Duke University.  He is co-editor of the Journal of Economic Methodology, past president of the History of Economics Society, the International Network for Economic Method, the Association for Social Economics, and past vice-president of the European Society for the History of Economics.

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An individual fish reduces the danger to itself by swimming as close as possible to the center of the school. That is how schools hold together. John Davis says that researchers and fish are alike -- both engage in herd behavior. PhD production, the role of journals, the incestuous relationship between top universities -- Davis looks at it all with an eye to informing policy to promote diversity and alternative views in the profession -- this is new economic thinking.

About John Davis

Davis is professor of history and philosophy of economics at the University of Amsterdam and professor of economics at Marquette University. Full profile

My Grants

This project will build on and review the state of knowledge regarding reflexivity in economics, philosophy, and the social sciences, lay out George Soros’s development of the concept in connection with the analysis of the economy and financial markets, develop an identity analysis-based general theory of agents and individuals as evolutionary-reflexive using past research, critique mainstream equilibrium-rational expectations reflexivity Lucas reasoning, and apply this approach to heterogeneous agent-based modeling in economics and other complexity explanations of the economy.

John Davis of the University of Amsterdam and Marquette University and Wade Hands of the University of Puget Sound were awarded a grant by the Institute for New Economic Thinking to conduct research on herding behavior in the economics and professional investment community.