Anat Admati

George G.C. Parker Professor of Finance and Economics
Stanford University

Anat Admati is the George G.C. Parker Professor of Finance and Economics at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. She has written extensively on information dissemination in financial markets, trading mechanisms, portfolio management, financial contracting, and, most recently, on corporate governance and banking.

Admati has been active in the policy debate on financial regulation. She is the author, with Martin Hellwig, of The Bankers’ New Clothes: What’s Wrong with Banking and What to Do about It (Princeton University Press, March 2013). The book was hailed as “the most important to emerge from the financial crisis” by Martin Wolf from the Financial Times, and has just been published in paperback edition.

Admati received her BS from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and her MA, MPhil and PhD from Yale University. She is a fellow of the Econometric Society, the recipient of multiple research grants and awards, has served as a board member of the American Finance Association and editorial boards. She currently serves on the FDIC Systemic Resolution Advisory Committee.

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Fallacies, Irrelevant Facts, and Myths in the Discussion of Capital Regulation: Why Bank Equity is Not Expensive.  A paper by Anat Admati, Peter DeMarzo, Martin Hellwig and Paul Pfleiderer, August 2010.

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Welcome to our video series called "New Economic Thinking." The series will feature dozens of conversations with leading economists on the most important issues facing economics and the global economy today.

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Anat Admati speaks about financial stability at INET's "Changing of the Guard?" conference in Hong Kong.

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Stability or growth?

This is the trade off we’re always presented with in financial reform. But we’re being offered a false choice, Anat Admati says.

On the first episode of INET’s new video series, “New Economic Thinking with Rob Johnson,” Admati speaks about her book, The Bankers New Clothes, and explains how banks can be more stable and still productive.

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Anat Admati, George G.C. Parker Professor of Finance and Economics, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University at the panel entitled "The Challenge of DeLeveraging and Overhangs of Debt II: The Politics and Economics of Restructuring" at the Institute for New Economic Thinking's (INET) Paradigm Lost Conference in Berlin. April 13, 2012. #inetberlin