FT Scholarships for Young Scholars to Attend Toronto Conference

The Financial Times is supporting the Young Scholars Initiative by sponsoring scholarships to attend the Institute's Human After All conference in Toronto, April 10-12. Read more

Yide Qiao: Reminbi Liberalization and China's Economic Challenges

The recent events in the Ukraine and Russia have exposed the fragility of emerging markets around the world. Yet, as important as these events are from a geopolitical perspective, looking at the global economy China is still what matters most because it has become such a locomotive for the emerging world. 
At the beginning of the year George Soros said that China's economy might be the crisis of 2014. This sentiment took hold in the financial markets, helping to trigger the break in emerging market currencies and stock markets in January and early February, which had a contagious effect on the global financial market as a whole. 

Jean Pisani-Ferry: The Challenges of Europe’s Monetary Union

Jean Pisani-Ferry is a highly influential voice in the European economic debate.

In this discussion, Pisani-Ferry discusses the challenges facing the creation of a common monetary union in the form that was eventually agreed in the 1990s absent a political union. He notes that even now, with that failure for all to see, the same dynamics that predicate against any reforms that might create a strong federal fiscal capacity are present in the discussions surrounding the creation of a “single supervisory mechanism” to regulate banks and protect their depositors. Read more

The Exchange Rate as a Monetary Phenomenon

By Elham Saeidinezhad, Jay Pocklington, Michael Beall, and Yakov Feygin

What exactly is an exchange rate? Read more

Join the Institute’s Young Scholars in Toronto

The Institute for New Economic Thinking and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) are inviting young scholars from across the world to participate in a pivotal event in Toronto, Canada, from April 10-12. The conference, entitled Human After All: Innovation, Disruption, Society, will examine the overwhelming economic impact of innovation on society. Panels will explore the successes and failures of economic systems in generating innovation, and the corresponding radical uncertainty engendered by the pervasive growth of innovation. Read more

Institute Grantees Featured at the 2014 EEA Conference

If you're attending the EEA conference look below to see where you'll find stimulating discussions involving the Institute community.

Click here for more information including the full EEA program

Friday, March 7

8:15-9:45am, Gloucester

Session A7, Analytical Political Economy

Uncertainty, Institutions and Power: Towards an Approach to Analytical Political Economy, Amitava K. Dutt, University of Notre Dame

10:00-11:30am, Gloucester Read more