The Institute for New Economic Thinking takes a broad view of economic research and supports it in many ways: through its main grant program, through working groups it organizes, and via conferences, panels, and other smaller gatherings of scholars across the globe.

Institute scholars normally publish their work in journals and books. While many – but far from all – of this work appears in working papers sponsored by the Institute and other leading research forums, the Institute also attempts to make its research results accessible to a wider public on its website. Below is a sampling of interviews featuring Institute scholars explaining the significance of their research in non-technical terms.

William Rees - The Dangerous Disconnect Between Economics and Ecology

The world economy is depleting the earth’s natural resources, and economists cling to models that make no reference whatsoever to the biophysical basis that underpins the economy. That’s why ecological economics is needed, says William Rees in this INET interview. Read more


Unconventional Wisdom and the Future - David Hale

In part 5 of INET's interview with David Hale, he talks about some counterintuitive highlights from his book: the world is not facing an oil shortage, and the dollar will remain the world's reserve currency indefinitely

Sustainable Economics

Session at Bretton Woods Conference
Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sustainable Economics with Introductory Remarks from Jim Balsillie Read more

Sustainable Economics - Q&A and Discussion

Q&A and discussion in the panel "Sustainable Economics" with Tom Bernes, Jim Balsillie, Alex Evans, William Rees, and Camilla Toulmin at the Bretton Woods Conference on April 10, 2011.


Sustainable Economics - Camilla Toulmin

Camilla Toulmin, Director of the International Institute for Environment and Development, speaking in the panel "Sustainable Economics" at the Bretton Woods Conference on April 10, 2011.

Sustainable Economics - Alex Evans

Alex Evans, Head of the Resource Scarcity, Climate Change and Multilateralism Program at New York University, speaking in the panel "Sustainable Economics" at the Bretton Woods Conference on April 10, 2011.

Sustainable Economics - Jim Balsillie

Jim Balsillie, Founder of the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), opening the panel "Sustainable Economics" at the Bretton Woods Conference. Introduced by Tom Bernes, Executive Director of CIGI.

A Challenge for the Next Generation - John Fullerton

Part 8 of INET's video interview with John Fullerton, he says that hope lies with the young: they're not as stuck in the old paradigm of perpetual growth, and more open minded to new thinking like systems science

Mobilizing the Top 1% - John Fullerton

Part 9 of INET's interview with John Fullerton: A transition to a sustainable economy is more than just politics: it's going to take focused energy from a small group of people with tremendous resources