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Learning From Each Other - Erik Berglöf

In part 6 of INET's interview with Erik Berglöf, he says that developing countries in Europe can learn from the successes and failures of their cohorts -- from Estonian tax advances to Georgia's fight against corruption

Asia: Challenges and Opportunities - Erik Berglöf

In part 5 of INET's interview with Erik Berglöf, he discusses how emerging countries in Asia are increasingly competing with Eastern Europe, but also represent big market opportunities

The Crisis and a More Cohesive Europe - Erik Berglöf

In part 3 of INET's interview with Erik Berglöf, he discusses how the crisis stressed the new growth model of European enlargement and integration, and put the new system at a crossroads

Banking on Recovery - Erik Berglöf

In part 2 of INET's interview with Erik Berglöf, the subject is why countries that invested in exports fared better than those that invested in real estate -- and why it was good to have foreign banking leverage

Lessons Not Learned - Erik Berglöf

In part 1 of INET's interview with Erik Berglöf, he says that as emerging economies in Europe rebound from the recession, there's a fear that they are quickly going back to "business as usual"

Erik Berglöf: Europe Viewed from the East

What Eastern Europe’s Experience After the Crash Can Teach the World About Increasing Economic and Political Integration

Much attention has been given to Western Europe and its southern countries in the wake of the great financial crisis, but the developing region of Eastern and Central Europe has largely been overlooked despite its serious trauma.

In this next INET interview, Erik Berglöf, chief economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, catches us up on what has happened in this important region in the last few years. Berglöf, the newest of INET’s governing board members, is also the primary author of the EBRD’s new report “Transition Report 2010: Recovery and Reform.” This free report is filled with facts and analysis of an area that spans from Croatia through Russia and includes even parts of Central Asia.

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Adair Turner on What an Economy Should Achieve

By Steve Clemons

Cross-posted from The Washington Note

UK Financial Services Authority Chief Lord Adair Turner gave a thoughtful, long, but probing and reflective talk about what economic and financial regulation should be trying to achieve. One of the parts of his talk that I liked very much was his open query about the appropriateness of economic growth that is unattached to quality of life, jobs and happiness.

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