Economic Policy

The Institute for New Economic Thinking takes a broad view of economic research and supports it in many ways: through its main grant program, through working groups it organizes, and via conferences, panels, and other smaller gatherings of scholars across the globe.

Institute scholars normally publish their work in journals and books. While many – but far from all – of this work appears in working papers sponsored by the Institute and other leading research forums, the Institute also attempts to make its research results accessible to a wider public on its website. Below is a sampling of interviews featuring Institute scholars explaining the significance of their research in non-technical terms.

Striking the Right Balance Between Private Gain and Public Good - Adair Turner

Social good can be directly integrated into free market capitalism, it just takes a bit of a balancing act - Lord Turner.

How to Account for the Socially Optimal - Adair Turner

Institutions like INET and heterodox thinking can return economics to its fundamental goal of being a public good, says Adair Turner

Full Interview with Adair Turner: The Economy and INET

Lord Adair Turner, the Chair of the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom, talks about what went wrong with the economy, how to fix it, and how INET can help.

Broadening the Field of Economics - Adair Turner

Economics can be more effective if we try to integrate pure theory with real-world observation and insights from other disciplines, Lord Adair Turner says

The Importance of Learning from History - Adair Turner

Lord Turner talks about how reviewing the mistakes of the past can lead to a more complete economic view of the present and future

The Regeneration of Economics Going Forward - Adair Turner

Lord Adair Turner describes what needs to happen for economics to move forward, and how institutions like INET can help

Reinventing Regulation with No Guiding Theories - Adair Turner

Lord Adair Turner talks about how important it is to develop new theories to guide financial regulations

The Fundamental Delusion of Predicting Based on the Past - Adair Turner

Lord Turner challenges the idea that economists can accurately predict the future based solely on past data

INET Mentioned in John Cassidy's New Book

How Markets Fail: The Logic of Economic Calamaties, by New Yorker contributer John Cassidy, was released last year to great acclaim. Read more

Post-Financial Crisis Policymaking: Austerity or not?

The financial crisis of 2008 was a substantial blow to the world’s economy, and soon after the crisis, many governments began to intervene strategically to restore confidence in financial markets and stabilize the global economy. (For more detailed background on the financial crisis and deficits, see INET Online’s big questions here and here.)

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