In its Inaugural Grant Program, the Institute for New Economic Thinking awarded about $3.8 million to 27 different projects and $3.2 million to four Research Programs. Research Programs are led by an Institute Advisory Board member or other prominent scholar appointed by the Institute around topics that it sees as particularly important.

Collectively, these initiatives receive about $7 million in Institute grants to address many of the most challenging issues facing economics today. Some of them wrestle with questions posed by the global financial crash of 2008, some with issues neglected by the economics profession, such as inequality, or in fields outside the mainstream preoccupations, such as in economic history.


More than 50 grantees from 11 different countries are involved in the projects. They were selected out of more than 500 proposals submitted in the summer, which were then narrowed down to 70 finalists before the final determinations were made by the the Institute's governing board.

You can see all the projects below, and click through to see a fuller explanation, or see the bios of the grantees involved in the project.

The inaugural grants