The Future of Central Banking and Closing Remarks - INET Hong Kong

Keynote panel on "The Future of Central Banking" at the Institute for New Economic Thinking's "Changing of the Guard?" conference in Hong Kong. Featured panelists include Distinguished Fellow of the Fung Global Institute Liu Mingkang and INET Advisory Board members Charles Goodhart, Richard Koo, and Adam Posen, with Fung Global Institute President and INET Advisory Board member Andrew Sheng moderating.

Closing remarks by INET Executive Director Rob Johnson and Fung Global Institute President and INET Advisory Board member Andrew Sheng.


Charles Goodhart Paper199.08 KB
Richard Koo Paper944.22 KB
Richard Koo Slides1.4 MB
Charles Goodhart Slides47.76 KB



Richard Koo for the Nobel. His book is compulsory reading and will be the most notable of our time. "The man who wrote the book." What a great phrase for such a brilliant piece.


Nice article

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