The Institute for New Economic Thinking's Council on the Euro Zone Crisis consists of 17 economists from Europe as well as an advisory board of distinguished thinkers from all over the world. It was formally launched in Brussels during a two-day meeting on June 26 and 27, in response to the dangerous and severe crisis that is now coming to a head in Europe. Since the group’s first meeting, members have been engaged in vigorous discussions to continue the explorations of what can be done that is economically viable and politically feasible given the depressed state of many European economies and the distrust that has arisen within the system. 

While council members at times disagree on diagnosis and prescription, they strive to find the limits of our capacity to agree and at the same time rise to address the urgent challenges before us. They recognize the large gains of preventing a euro zone breakup and share at the outset a vision of a common Europe, one that is socially and economically desirable as well as politically and socially sustainable.


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