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INET’s Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) hosted a select group of graduate students at its third Annual Plenary Conference in Berlin, April 12-15, 2012, “Paradigm Lost: Rethinking Economics and Politics.”

INET is looking for the new economic thinkers of the future. For us, economic thinking always means thinking about the economy, not necessarily by economists. So we invited applications not only from students currently enrolled in economics programs, but also from aspiring economic thinkers in allied fields such as history, politics, sociology, anthropology, and law.

As a conference participant, students had full access to all program activities, and opportunity to confer with the over 300 scholars, policy makers, and journalists also in attendance. Last year, at our conference at Bretton Woods, we included students for the first time. (See here.) This year, we teamed up with Handelsblatt to schedule some events specifically for students, as part of our Young Scholars Initiative.

The Young Scholars Initiative is a new program for INET, launched last November with an inaugural conference "Bridging Silos, Breaking Silences," held in New York City. There we brought together twenty economics graduate students from a diverse range of programs, along with twenty of our younger grant recipients and twenty more seasoned scholars from allied fields, to explore new thinking about financial instability and economic inequality, and about what we can to do address them.

In Berlin, we continued the conversation, focusing attention on the way politics and economics intertwine in the most pressing problems confronting us today, and so also in any potential solution. As the conference program states: “The challenges posed by inequality, unemployment, climate change, and global financial disarray call for new economic thinking that is open, credible, and relevant in the current world; that offers vision amid uncertainty, and that fosters cooperation where there is fragmentation.”

These challenges call for new economic thinking. And new economic thinking calls for new economic thinkers. 

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YSI Berlin was organized in conjunction with Handelsblatt and supported by The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.