Great Hospitality or Chance to Innovate?

some personal touches to hospitality at the INET conference, although I feel for the people who have been holding that sign all day.

with thanks to an anonymous commenter for pointing this out, although they might just have run out of poster stands.

Kuhn vs Lakatos: it is not the institute of anything goes...

In his opening remarks, Robert Johnson said that this "is not the institute of anything goes" with INET now getting to a point where it needs to stop criticising the mainstream and should instead "create a new vision."

Outside the main hall of the conference there is even a poster setting out the core institutions needed to affect change in economics. That poster, and indeed the 'old' approach of INET is very Lakatos. Accept the core and work to modify the periphery.

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I Have to Act Like an Adult in Hong Kong

The INET conference in Hong Kong is serious business. Students will be wearing suits for the first time since their cousin's wedding only to bump into senior public servants with buffed cuff-links who in turn are mingling with billionaires and Nobel Prize winners. It's seriously adult stuff.

It's just a shame that I will probably be too giddy to notice. In fairness I will try not to gush at people; like I may have done with Axel Leijonhufvud last year, or Richard Koo, or Robert Skidelsky, or... well... that's not really the point. Read more

As Goes Cyprus, So Goes the European Union

This column was originally published in Estadao Sao Paulo on March 31st.

All of a sudden, tiny Cyprus is making headlines. How could such a small country, with an economy approximately the size of the State of Maranhao, create such big problems?

The answer is that the crisis in Cyprus epitomizes everything that is wrong with the European Union.

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Adam Posen Takes the Stage

Just back from his three-year stint on the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England, the new president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics Adam Posen sat down with The International Economy founder and editor David Smick. Read more

Meeting New Challenges in China

Originally posted on China Daily

Further system reforms will enable China to overcome middle-income trap and push forward social progress

President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Kiqiang represent a new generation of leaders, determined to continue and accelerate China's economic progress and social progress. They are smart, committed and articulate. Read more

The Consequences of a Leaderless Economy

Originally appeared on Yahoo! Finance

What happens when there’s no leader in the global economy?

That’s what the world is finding out right now. Since the 2008 financial crisis the countries that sit atop the world economy – the United States, China, and Germany – have failed to cooperate and fix a broken system that is creating unnecessary suffering. Read more

Russia to the Rescue of Cyprus?

There is a certain rich irony attached to the sight of corrupt Russian oligarchs now posing as liberal champions of the rule of law as they find themselves sucked into the maelstrom of Cyprus's ongoing financial crisis. Read more

Complex Networks in Finance: Nature Physics Journal on Financial Complexity

The financial crisis has made us aware that financial markets are very complex networks that, in many cases, we do not really understand and that can easily go out of control. Read more