Young Scholars Initiative

FT Scholarships for Young Scholars to Attend Toronto Conference

The Financial Times is supporting the Young Scholars Initiative by sponsoring scholarships to attend the Institute's Human After All conference in Toronto, April 10-12.

The conference (click to see program) will examine the overwhelming economic impact of innovation on society. Panels will explore the successes and failures of economic systems in generating innovation, and the corresponding radical uncertainty engendered by the pervasive growth of innovation. The conference will address the critical role of banking and finance in the “innovation economy” and the most effective policy responses required in this brave new world.


The Scholarship

  • Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2014
  • Receive air travel and accommodation to take part in the Human After All conference
  • Discuss your question in the FT YSI Roundtable featuring Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf
  • Be featured in short video interviews about your experience at the conference

The Application

  • Your contact information
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • A question and a supporting text

The main selection criterion is your question for the roundtable. Your question may concern fundamental issues in economics as a discipline, current economic events, or specific issues such as financial stability or inequality. You will need to support your question with a brief paragraph, framing and contextualizing the issue. Winners will be jointly selected by the Institute for New Economic Thinking and the Financial Times.

About the Financial Times

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There is no link in the "Apply Now" label! Can you provide it me by mail?


What are the eligibility requirements? Thanks.


The Conference seems great, it's a real shame that the information about this scholarship comes only two weeks or so before the event. Even if I applied and got the scholarship, it's unlikely that I would be able to make it.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for your comments about the scholarship. We know it's a tight deadline, but are very excited to be able to offer scholarships at all. If you decide to apply, good luck with your application!


Communities analyst at the Financial Times


Hi Thomas,

Largely being a young scholar is defined by early career stage, i.e. student, young researcher, young professional. As there is no hard line drawn in this context, please give it a try if you feel you fall into these categories.


Thanks for pointing this out. It should be corrected.


Thanks, appreciate the response. I'll be sending in an application!


How long should we expect to heard back regarding this application?


Hi there,

I'm curious if we will get an email confirmation of our application submission once we submit the form?

Thank you!


Hi Jay,

I have submitted my application. It is wonderful that you are providing a great platform for aspiring young scholars to present their ideas and interact with great minds across the globe. The problems of the developing economies that are wedded to representative form of democracy based on universal adult suffrage are fundamentally different from those of developed ones as also other developing economies that have different political configurations. I hope that young scholars from different national backgrounds get due consideration to participate in the conference.

Best regards.


I have applied for this scholarship. Now, I feel nervous to know the result of scholarship. Hope that I am the chosen one. Best wishes to those who applied for this excitieng scholarship. At least, we try our luck.

Berlin Germany


Dear sir or madam,

I have 2 questions. Firstly, when will the results release? Secondly, what happens when my passport needs visa to Canada?

Kind regards.


Good afternoon!

How and when should we expect to hear about the results? Will we be notified if we do not receive a scholarship?

Thanks so much!


Has anyone been offered scholarship. I did get an email for the itinerary for the conference.


I have applied for this scholarship. Now, I feel nervous to know the result of scholarship. Hope that I am the chosen one. Best wishes to those who applied for this excitieng scholarship


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