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Video: Joseph Stiglitz on How America As Land of Opportunity Has Vanished

The havoc wrought by our recent global financial crisis has vividly demonstrated the deficiencies in our outdated economic theories and shown the need for new economic thinking. Inequality has been one of the key gaps in orthodox economics, and it is one of the areas INET has targeted for new economic thinking to make an impact.

This INET-produced interview features Joseph Stiglitz describing the enormous amount of wealth controlled by the top one percent in America. Here is an exclusive preview of the Stiglitz short interview – for the full interview visit Vanity Fair:



The forthcoming income inequality mini-documentary is part of an INET series of short films that focuses on important areas of economic exploration. In the film series, leading scholars and economic thinkers such as Stiglitz, John Kay, Steve Keen, Stephen Kinsella, Dirk Bezemer, David Weinstein, and journalist Gillian Tett explain why economics has failed to capture the real, volatile nature of financial markets.

Click here to watch the full interview at Vanity Fair