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Sylvia Nasar on The Story of Economic Genius: Great Thinkers in History

Today INET presents you an interview with Sylvia Nasar, who discusses her book, Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius, with INET Executive Director Rob Johnson. Nasar discusses the work of economists leading up to the early 20th century. She suggests that Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was a work of economics that influenced later economists such as Alfred Marshall. Nasar also talks about the intellectual debates between Keynes and Irving Fisher on one side and Joseph Schumpeter and Hayek on the other.

Part 1: Charles Dickens, Economist

Part 2: The Discovery of Productivity Growth and the Welfare State

Part 3: Keynes and Fisher

Part 4: Joseph Schumpeter and Hayek - Keynes' Challengers

Part 5: The State of Economics