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The questions of inequality are really really raging - an Interview with Executive Director Robert Johnson

INET Executive Director Robert Johnson recently attended the Strategies for a New Economy conference at Bard College, hosted by the New Economics Institute. Below is his note after attending the conference, as well as a video interview he gave while attending the conference.

- - - -

In a recent conference at Bard College hosted by the New Economics Institute, I had a chance to experience a large group of thinking that is asking big questions about our society and economy. This conference was representative of the wide-open conversation that is taking place all over the world. (I also just attended the Rethinking Economics Conference in Tubingen Germany where a dynamic group of young scholars explored economic thinking and teaching with great vigor.)

NEI had a number of great panels. I had a chance to sit down with their team and discuss some key elements of economic vision that trouble us all including:
1.  The damage done by presupposing the financial markets are anchored in a known future
2.  Pretending that economics and politics are separable domains
3.  The notion of free inexhaustible resources (Namely water and oxygen) and the threat to sustainability
4.  The negative social consequences of inequality

The conversation is growing.  Bravo NEI.

-INET Executive Director Robert Johnson


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