April 2012

A Berlin Consensus?

The Washington Consensus is dead.

So says Andrew Sheng in this op-ed for Project Syndicate. Writing about INET’s recent Berlin conference, where Sheng was also a speaker, Sheng notes, “Almost everyone agreed that the old paradigm of neoclassical economics was broken.” But what comes next wasn’t as clear. Read more

INET Responds to L.A. Times Op-Ed Comments

New economic thinking is no passing fad. The movement for new economic thinking is here to stay - with broad-based, worldwide support from undergraduate and graduate students as well as both young and established professors and Nobel laureates. Read more

Joe Stiglitz Takes On The Orthodox Academic Establishment

“I don’t want to talk about GDP anymore,” the Nobel laureate and INET Advisory Board member says in a recent interview with The European. “I want to talk about what is happening to most citizens.”

In his bold comments, Stiglitz takes on the orthodox academic establishment in economics. Read more

Young People Tire of Old Economic Models

Just after INET finished hosting hundreds of developing economic thinkers at its annual conference in Berlin as part of INET’s YSI Commons program, The New York Times Dot Earth blog picked up on an emerging trend that we’ve been seeing up close for months now: The growing youth movement to transform economics. Read more

INET Spotlight: Wendy Carlin

Some economic thinkers like to build their ideas in isolated worlds where governments and politics don’t matter. But Prof. Wendy Carlin will have none of that.  Read more

Huffington Post Features INET Financial Stability Documentary, With Introduction by Rob Johnson

The Huffington Post spotlights the INET financial instability video, produced by Four Corners Media, accompanied by an extensive written introduction from INET Executive Director Robert Johnson.

This video is the first in a series of mini-documentaries that will address vital areas in new economic thinking.

- - - Read more

Steve Keen's Art Critique (Berlin Video)

Economist Steve Keen admittedly isn’t an art connoisseur. “I don’t know much about modern art,” Keen says. “But I know what I don’t like.”

With his acerbic wit and sharp mind, Keen is an ideal guide to the modern and performance art that was on display as part of INET’s recent annual conference in Berlin.

Our cameras followed Keen as he examined some of the more avant-garde pieces and offered his cogent economic take on each. Pointing, for example, to a bag of red sand slowly draining over a yellow plastic cone, he launches into an explanation of how “randomness gives you a pattern.” Read more

Financial Times Deutschland’s Thomas Fricke Issues Clarion Call for Economics at INET Berlin Conference

Thomas Fricke, chief economist for the Financial Times Deutschland, called for new economic thinking in Germany during a bracing address on the final evening of the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s (INET) 2012 Berlin conference. Read more

The Best of INET Berlin (Videos)

The Institute for New economic Thinking (INET) held its third annual plenary conference titled “Paradigm Lost: Rethinking Economics and Politics” from April 12-15 in Berlin. Against the backdrop of the current Eurozone crisis and in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse, more than 300 leading global economists, policy makers, students and journalists gathered to reconsider economic theories and ideas.


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INET Berlin Day 3 Speaker Videos Now Available

Videos from day 3 of the Paradigm Lost conference in Berlin are now available online. Videos include all the speakers and presentations from the third day of the conference. You can also find videos from day 1 here and day 2 here. Read more