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Apple’s Changing Business Model: What Should the World’s Richest Company Do with All Those Profits?

What should Apple, one of the world's most successful companies, do with its profits? Read more

The Good Life: The Challenge of Progress in China Today

The Institute for New Economic Thinking and China’s Tsinghua University today hosted their seminar in Shenzhen, China, called “The Good Life: The Challenges of Progress in China.” Read below for a report on the day's events!

Over the past three decades, China has been one of the most successful development stories in history. The country has maintained an annual average growth rate of almost 10 percent for a quarter century. Read more

The Philosophy of Economics: The Institute Kicks Off Event in China

The Institute for New Economic Thinking and China’s Tsinghua University today kicked off their seminar in Shenzhen, China, called “The Good Life: The Challenges of Progress in China.” The event started with an engaging dinner panel discussion on the philosophical aspects of economics. Read more

Bring on the Bubble: William Janeway on the Future of Green Technologies

Where will today’s innovation come from?

Many rich investors like Elon Musk have increasingly invested in creating breakthrough technologies. But can these “angel investors” really bring about the technological change we need? Read more

Saving Economics from the Economists - A Tribute to the Late Ronald Coase

Editor's Note: On Monday, Nobel Prize winning economist Ronald Coase passed away at 102. Though Coase was a self-decribed "accidental" economist who taught at the University of Chicago's Law School rather than its economics department, his work on transaction costs in  "The Nature of the Firm" and "The Problem of Social Cost" were major contributions in the history of economic thought. Read more

Understanding Money: Free Course Produced by the Institute for New Economic Thinking!

Interested in learning some new economic thinking? Want to spot the next financial crisis before it’s too late? Then sign up for this FREE online class on The Economics of Money and Banking!

The course, produced by the Institute for New Economic Thinking and taught by the Institute’s Perry Mehrling, explores money markets and how they work, both in the U.S. and internationally. Read more

How Milton Friedman’s NAIRU Has Increased Inequality, Damaging Innovation and Growth

By Servaas Storm and C. W. M. Naastepad , both Senior Lecturers in Economics at the Delft University of Technology

For many years, economic fatalism ruled the roost: markets are sovereign, governments must never interfere, social democracy is passé, and politics is effectively dead. The big bang of the crisis has ended this fatalism, and is – albeit slowly – leading to calls for a fairer capitalism (as by the Occupy movement).

Read more

Mariana Mazzucato and William Lazonick: Rethinking the State

Is it time for policymakers cut markets down to size?

Institute grantee William Lazonick argues that markets have overstepped their bounds in his recent interview with grantee Mariana Mazzucato as part of her “Rethinking the State” video series. Read more

Ha-Joon Chang and Mariana Mazzucato: Rethinking the State

What is the role of the state in the economy?

Technocrats preaching the “free market” see the state as merely a tool to correct market failures. But should the state play a more active role in shaping the economy and promoting smart and inclusive growth? Read more

Katharina Pistor: The Legal Theory of Finance

Bad theories can have very real consequences.

The most recent example was the 2008 financial crisis, which showed that inadequate theories about the financial system can help create a systemic collapse.

But did economists learn their lesson? Read more