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Adair Turner: Economic Policy Must Address Excessive Private Sector Leverage

Adair Lord Turner, former Chairman of Great Britain’s Financial Services Authority and current Senior Fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, will argue in a keynote address to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on Thursday that central banks must be equipped in future to address the dangers of excessive private sector leverage, using both pre-emptive interest rate policy and macro-prudential policy tools.  Read more

Can the Euro Zone Be Saved? - An Institute-Sponsored Event at UT-Austin

Can the euro zone be saved?  Read more

See Michael Sandel LIVE – Win a Signed Copy of His Latest Book!

Join the Institute for New Economic Thinking on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 ET for a special event at Union Theological Seminary with Harvard professor and philosopher Michael Sandel on the moral limits of markets. Sandel will be speaking about his recent book, What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets, in conversation with Institute President Rob Johnson and Union President Serene Jones. Read more

International Economic Association (IEA) Announces Extension of Paper Submission Deadline to November 10, 2013

The deadline for submission of papers to contributed sessions for the 17th World Congress of the International Economic Association (IEA), to take place on the Dead Sea, Jordan, from June 6 to 10 2014, has been extended to NOVEMBER 10 2013. Read more

Adair Turner: The Diminishing Marginal Effect of Quantitative Easing

Is quantitative easing still working for the U.S. economy? That was the question when Institute for New Economic Senior Fellow Adair Turner appeared on CNBC this week. Watch the interview to see what he has to say. Read more

The World Needs Eurobonds Now More Than Ever

By Pierpaolo Barbieri and Dimitris Valatsas

The United States government openly flirting with a default on its debt is, to the financial system, like a Pope wondering out loud about the existence of God.

Investors at first were baffled by the possibility that Congress would once again push the country to the financial precipice, and the tension on Wall Street and Main Street steadily rose as October 17 approached. And then, at the seeming last minute, a solution finally was reached in Washington. Read more

Measuring Trust in the Financial Sector with the Thomson Reuters TRust Index

Trust is an essential part of a functioning economy, yet it is often one of the least understood variables in economics. That’s why the Institute for New Economic Thinking is supporting the Thomson Reuters TRust index, which provides concrete metrics for understanding the level of trust in the financial system using a benchmark of the top 50 global financial institutions as a proxy for the sector as a whole.  Read more

Live Stream of "Economics and Theology" Tonight!

A Lecture Series Hosted by The Institute for New Economic Thinking and 
Union Theological Seminary

Tonight, Institute President Robert Johnson and Union President Serene Jones are hosting a conversation with john a. powell.

The conversation will be live streamed. We invite those unable to attend in person to tune in online here. The live-stream will begin at 6:00 pm ET. Read more

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself Against a Totally Unnecessary U.S. Government Default

By Robert Engle and Andrew W. Lo

If Congress and the White House fail to raise the debt ceiling this week and the United States defaults on its debt, what can we expect and how can we protect ourselves against these events? Read more