The Institute for New Economic Thinking awards individual grants for original research that can’t get sponsored elsewhere, and funds a series of research programs focused on critical issues that demand sustained work by many people over time.

The Grant Cycle

The Institute calls for applications once a year. The process is open to anyone with a big idea that could help move the field of economics, though most awards will go to those working in academia.

What We Are Interested in

Generally, INET is interested in funding work that breaks new ground in one or more of the following fields:

  • Sources and remedies of financial instability
  • Institutional design for radical (Knightian) uncertainty
  • Political economy of the state and public goods provision
  • Political economy of income and wealth distribution
  • Corporate governance in an age of economic globalization
  • Human capability and economic development

We understand that new economic thinking can come from anywhere and so we remain open to grant proposals outside these fields and from people outside academia, though the awards will primarily go to individuals or teams affiliated with academic institutions, think tanks and other research centers.